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The Top Things to Consider in Selecting a Great Metal Fabrication Company
Metal fabrication processes can vary from shop to shop and your options can greatly vary as well. Here at Qualitas Industries, we pride ourselves on being a one-stop go-to metal shop. We specialize in handling your metal fabrication, engineering and finishing needs in a quick way.

With the variation in company types and your needs as a customer, it is important to assess your own needs as a customer prior to conducting your search into your options. Are you looking for a customized piece that requires special equipment? Is cost a primary concern? Are you on a time-crunch and need your metal piece ready quickly and with little turnaround time? As you decide what you need as a consumer, it becomes time to review the company you are looking to hire.

What are the capabilities of the fabrication shop?

  • Is it large enough to handle your product requirements? What materials are the company working with and are they in line with your product standards? Can they handle the required thickness and size your products need?
  • Do they offer all the services required of your metal components? Finishing? Forming? Welding? Painting? Fabrication? Design?
  • Can they help your company turn your ideas into functional designs / products? Can they reverse engineer your requests and create the metal elements that you need for your business?

What experience does the company have? What fields do they specialize in?

  • Experience, skill set, and market experience is an important consideration when selecting a metal fabrication shop. It is important to know that you are working with an experienced team that knows the elements that you need – whether those elements are painting, finishing, fabrication, design, and others. What is the shop’s expertise? What elements do they do really well?
  • Does the company follow protocols and standards? Are they certified in what they do? What is their safety and efficiency record like?

How Does the Company Treat Their Customers?
When you find a great metal fabrication company, you want to stick with them. It can be a long process to find a great company and requires a good assessment of your options so when you find a great company, you want to stick with them. A great company will recognize this and treat you like they are in it for the long haul – working to understanding your needs as a customer, being responsive and treating your projects in a timely and efficient way.

Dependable Quotes
Not all shops are created equally and so not all price quotes are either. Cost variances can occur because of reasons such as one company may use higher quality metals than the other or offers a quicker turn-around than another. It is important to consider what you are getting in your package, who the company is and what they are offering, while you are considering your budgets. Choosing the company that meets certain standards with higher quality metals may cost you more now but may save money in the long-term.

Ultimately, selecting a company is akin to selecting a fabrication partner. You are selecting a company that helps you create better products and offerings to your own customers. Knowing what you need is an important element in deciding these partnerships and knowing what the company can offer you.